Yasin Günay

Yasin Günay is a Software Engineer at IDEA, contributing a unique blend of legal insight and software engineering expertise. Formerly a lawyer in Turkey, Yasin embarked on a transformative journey upon arriving in Belgium in 2019, shifting gears to pursue his passion for technology and computer science. Enrolling in a coding school in Brussels, he honed his skills in computer science and complemented them with a dedication to learning French, recognizing the importance of language in forging connections.

After coding school, Yasin continued to deepen his knowledge through self-directed learning initiatives and personal projects in web development. Furthermore, he enhanced his skills by obtaining numerous certificates from Harvard University in computer science and programming. His commitment to perpetual self-improvement, diverse background, and analytical skills derived from his legal experience make him a valuable asset to the Digital Team at IDEA.

Projects by Yasin Günay

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