Xavier Cornips

Analyst Real Estate and Territorial Development

Xavier Cornips joined IDEA Consult in September 2022 as an analyst in the Real Estate and Territorial Development team. With a bachelor's degree in construction engineering and a master's degree in urban planning and spatial design, he explored societal challenges in his graduation research through extensive GIS analyses, revealing shortcomings in Flemish policy. Within the team, Xavier specialized in topics related to real estate and spatial economics. His expertise lies mainly in quantitative research, focusing on various forms of data analysis and real estate calculations. In addition, he has a special interest in cartography and GIS analyses, and has actively contributed to the implementation of the IDEA space requirement model for economic activities. In this context, an advanced, future-proof TQM model was developed, taking into account, among other things, ‘Net Zero Landtake’-policy of Flanders (e.i. Bouwshift) and the Saving Space policy. In this model, employment is assigned to specific types of areas, as opposed to sectoral allocation, leading to more accurate results in spatial economic forecasting.

At IDEA Consult, Xavier also gained extensive experience with market and feasibility studies, as well as deep involvement in numerous master plans. This included guiding both private and public stakeholders.

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