Ties Vanthillo (Ph.D.)

Senior Consultant Regional & Urban Development

Ties is senior consultant within the regional and urban development team at IDEA Consult. Ties is familiar with innovation, economic and spatial policy on the local, urban, regional and European level. In addition, he has recently built up relevant experience with regard to impact assessments. He closely follows trends and developments that have an impact on the spatial-economic fabric of cities and regions.

Prior to joining IDEA Consult, Ties was a researcher and guest lecturer at the Department of Transport and Regional Economics of the University of Antwerp. He then gained experience at the Business & Innovation department of the city of Antwerp where he was responsible for the monitoring of commercial real estate markets and advised internal and external stakeholders on spatial planning processes, business locations and market trends.

Ties holds a PhD in Applied Economics and a Master of International and Comparative Politics (both from the University of Antwerp), with an additional degree in Urban Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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