Olivier Brolis (Ph.D.)

Expert Skills & Labour Market

Dr. Olivier Brolis has been working since January 2019 as an expert at IDEA Consult in the Labour Market and Socio-Economic Policies team. He has already had the opportunity to direct several research projects, including the evaluation of the Walloon and Brussels service cheque systems, the creation of the strategy Alternativ'ES Wallonia of the Walloon Region, as well as research on well-being at work in Brussels associations.

Previously, he wrote a thesis on the evaluation of the quasi-market of service cheques, mainly on employment issues with a particular focus on social enterprises, which enabled him to obtain his PhD in economics and management from UCLouvain in 2015. Then he worked 1 year at the University of Lille as a qualified research engineer on the analysis of the structure of low-skilled jobs in France. In 2016, he returned to Belgium to work jointly with the Centre for Social Economy (Centre d’Economie Sociale ) of the University of Liège and the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Work, State and Society (Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche Travail, Etat, et Société ) of UCLouvain on the identification of social enterprise models worldwide and the digitalisation of social enterprises in the human services sector.

His career has also given him the opportunity to develop his teaching skills at three different universities, first as an assistant and then as a guest lecturer. He is currently still a professor at Uclouvain for social economy and quantitative research methods.

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