Olivier Brolis (Ph.D.)

Senior Consultant Skills & Labour Market

Dr. Olivier Brolis has been working as a consultant at IDEA Consult since July 2016, he is part of the "Regions and Labour Market" team.

He developed a thesis on job quality and motivation at work in the quasi-market for service vouchers, with a particular focus on social enterprises, which enabled him to obtain his doctorate in economic and management sciences from the UCL in 2015. He then worked at the University of Lille 1 as a qualified research engineer on the issues of job quality and discrimination at work, with a particular interest in the cases of human services and social economy organizations. In 2016, he returned to Belgium to work jointly at UCL and ULG. On the one hand, he conducted research on the identification of social enterprise models around the world and a second on the potential impacts of digital technologies in the personal services sector. On the other hand, he has taught courses as a professor in subjects such as "Social Economy", "Descriptive Statistics", "Quantitative Methods", and "Special Economic and Social Policy Issues". It should be noted that in terms of education, he also had the opportunity to work as an assistant for the courses "Social Entrepreneurship", "Introduction to Economic Systems", "Macroeconomics", "Microeconomics and Industrial Economy" and "Political Economy".

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