Marie Antoine (Ph.D.)

Expert Labour Market & Socio-Economic Policy

Marie Antoine, PhD, has been working  as a senior consultant at IDEA Consult within the "Regions and Labour Market" team.

She holds a Ph.D. in economics and management from UCL obtained in 2018, after having developed a Ph.D. thesis on the transformation of workspaces in companies and the impact on the construction of organisational identity. In addition to her thesis, she was a researcher at the laboRH chair in Human management and labour transformations, and has worked on research on topics related to human resources management and organisational transformation, such as employability, identification of critical occupations, managerial function transformation, recognition, and new organisational designs.

After her experience at UCLouvain, she joined the University of Liège as a postdoctoral researcher on an FNRS project to study the career paths of project-based workers.

Visiting professor at UCLouvain since 2018, she has taught the courses "Cross-cultural management and competences" and "Organisational behaviour" at the Louvain School of Management.

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