Joris Janssens (Ph.D.)

Expert Culture & Regional Development

Joris Janssens is expert in the field of research (qualitative and quantitative) and in strategic guidance within culture. Since 2019 he has been working for IDEA Consult in the fields of culture, leisure and tourism. Previously, he was Head of Research & Development at Kunstenpunt and director of Vlaams Theater Instituut. Before, he worked at the KULeuven and obtained a PhD in Germanic Language and Literature in 2004.

Joris has extensive experience with research-based coaching programmes. Some references: Joris is the editor-in-chief of two editions of the Landscape Drawing Arts, a strength-weakness analysis of the artistic field, and of the Cijferboek Kunsten. He is the author of several publications, including Reframing the International (on sustainable international work), Tracks (on intercultural competences) and Travelogue (on international mobility in the arts). These publications were the result of development processes based on content, in which environmental analyses were always forward-looking and feed professionals and policymakers in their transition and a more sustainable practice and new working models within the cultural field.

Joris is also familiar with international networks within culture. Between 2007 and 2019, he was Flemish expert at Compendium for Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe. He gained administrative experience at the Theaterfestival Vlaanderen, Zebrart vzw, Circuit X and the Brussels Kunstenoverleg (BKO).

He is published in various literary and cultural magazines, including FreeSpace Nieuwzuid, nY, Spiegel der Letteren, Soft Lawijd, Rekto:Verso and Veto.

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