Dries Ballyn

Analyst Labour Market & Socio-Economic Policy

Dries Ballyn graduated in 2019 and started working as an analyst at IDEA Consult that same year. He joins the "Regions and Labour Market" team. Here he connects with current and new projects of various kinds. Some examples are the digitization of education and research into cluster support in Flanders.

With a master's degree in both Sociology and International Relations & Diplomacy, Dries has a broad education. This makes him a true generalist who has an affinity with a wide range of themes.

Performing a qualitative research twice for his master's thesis means that Dries has relevant experience with the use of qualitative research methods. Investigating local climate policy and the supra-local network "Covenant of Mayors" means that he already came into contact with local authorities, their government and an umbrella policy network for the first time. Previously, Dries also conducted research into the perception of identity of young people with a migration background in non-classical youth clubs.

Projects by Dries Ballyn

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