Daniela Kretz

Senior Consultant Innovation, Competitiveness & Sustainability

Daniela Kretz works as a Senior Consultant in the field of Innovation, Competitiveness and Sustainability at IDEA Consult and joined the team in July 2016. Within IDEA, Daniela works on a variety of projects related to renewable energy, technology deployment, agricultural innovation, circular economy, and evaluation & impact assessment. In these projects, she has experience in performing qualitative and quantitative analyses, stakeholder analysis and mapping, handling data, planning workshops as well as organising and conducting interviews. Notably, Daniela is currently the Single Partnership Coordinator for the Sustainable Buildings Partnerships’ Interregional Innovation Pilot on the Smart University Campus appointed by DG Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission and has served as an expert for the Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy (S3PEnergy) for the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. She has also worked on projects such as the ‘Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) priorities meta-analysis and future mission-oriented research and innovation initiatives’ for: DG Joint Research Centre, European Commission.

Daniela previously worked as a research assistant at the University of Bayreuth and the VU University Amsterdam on interdisciplinary approaches to understanding and tackling global environmental change. Her methodological expertise includes the use of geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, spatial modelling and life cycle assessment. She also has work experience in coordination and management of academic programmes at the University of Bayreuth. Daniela has a Master of Science in Global Change Ecology from the University of Bayreuth, Augsburg and Würzburg, which focused on understanding and analysing global change in an environmental context with respect to political and economic decision making. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Resource Management from the Brandenburg University of Technology in Germany, which featured an ERASMUS exchange at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria. As a native English speaker, Daniela also has over seven years of experience in completing native English corrections of reports, scientific publications and even a book – all for non-native authors. Daniela is also fluent in German and speaks French.

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