Christophe Ramont

Christophe Ramont is senior consultant and SDG coach for local governments in the Regional and Local Governance team of IDEA Consult. In this function, he coaches local governments participating in the SDG Pioneer Programme, a collaboration between IDEA Consult, VVSG and CIFAL Flanders. He also coordinates the internal efforts around the Sustainable Development Goals and is involved in assignments linked to sustainable development. Christophe has a special interest in local government and international policy; the world does not stop at municipal borders.

Christophe Ramont holds a master's degree in political science (Ugent), with a complementary master's degree in management for public organisations (Ugent). Before joining IDEA Consult, he worked for seven years as a staff member at the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG - team international), as a staff member of the Department of Administrative Affairs and the Internal Administration Agency (Flemish government) and as a member of the team international solidarity (City of Ghent).

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