Anneleen Van Tendeloo

Senior Advisor Project Development & Grants

Anneleen Van Tendeloo combines a scientific background (Master's degree in Biology) with practical experience in the field of environmental education, working with local authorities, project management and subsidy advice.

Prior to joining IDEA Consult in providing subsidy advice and project applications, Anneleen was active within IGEMO (region of Mechelen). Since 2013, Anneleen has been responsible for the start-up of subsidy activities at various levels (local to European). She was also responsible for drawing up applications for various subsidy projects. This was done from different thematic perspectives (at the start mainly energy and climate, but with an extension to mobility, space, welfare,...) and within various programmes (e.g. Interreg, King Baudouin Foundation, strategic project,...).

In addition, Anneleen has an environmental educational background by working within the educational field as an assistant to the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Biology and environmental educational projects at IGEMO.

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