Alban Pols

Consultant Regional and Urban Development

Alban is a consultant in the Regional & Urban Development team at IDEA Consult. Drawing on his studies in Philosophy (University of Antwerp), Economics (Ghent University) and European Studies (KU Leuven), he has a demonstrated history of policy work and working in government relations within a wide range of policy areas - later, more specifically focused on economics. His cross-sectoral experience allows him to preserve an integral overview regarding the management of complex projects, while also proving to be a great advantage in the approach of concrete policy issues.

Alban has worked at the Association of Flemish Provinces (VVP), where he came into contact with various policy areas and different levels of governance within the Belgian federal structure. His work included interprovincial concertation as well as position determination towards Flemish and Federal legislative initiatives within the areas of Economics, Tourism, Mobility and Heritage. At the Province of East-Flanders, he shifted his focus to local economic policy, as he supported the execution of ERDF-funded project ‘Onderneem Er Op Uit’. Specifically, he conducted projects of peer intervision between groups of local authorities and, later, performed an ‘inhouse consultant’ role in the development and execution of economic policies within 5 local authorities in East-Flanders.

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