The added value of IDEA is it's employees. Learn about our motivated advisors on this page.

foto An De Coen (Ph.D.)
An De Coen (Ph.D.)
Senior Consultant Skills and Labour Market
foto Bart Van Herck
Bart Van Herck
Senior Expert Regional & Urban Development / Managing Director
foto Daniela Kretz
Daniela Kretz
Consultant Green Economy & Technology Deployment
foto Daphné Valsamis
Daphné Valsamis
Expert Labour Market & Socio-Economic Policy
foto David Monic
David Monic
Expert Real Estate & Territorial Development
foto Ella Desmedt (Ph.D.)
Ella Desmedt (Ph.D.)
Senior Consultant Regional & Urban Development
foto Hélène Guérard
Hélène Guérard
Senior Consultant Real Estate & Territorial Development
foto Kathy Goffin
Kathy Goffin
Analyst Labour Market & Socio-Economic Policy
foto Lidia Nuñez Lopez
Lidia Nuñez Lopez
Consultant Innovation and Competitiveness
foto Loïc Géronnez
Loïc Géronnez
Senior Consultant Territorial Development and real estate
foto Lucien Kahane
Lucien Kahane
Expert Territorial Development and Real Estate
foto Michelle Accardo
Michelle Accardo
Senior Consultant Regional & Urban Development / Culture & Tourism
foto Pieter De Witte
Pieter De Witte
Senior Researcher Territorial Development and Real Estate
foto Wouter Bervoets (Ph.D.)
Wouter Bervoets (Ph.D.)
Consultant Territorial Development and Real Estate

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