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IDEA Consult provides independent advice to organisations and governments at all levels: local, intermediate, regional, federal and European.
Our baseline "Thinking Ahead" reflects IDEA's unique value proposition:

  • Committed professionals involved in society and well connected with research institutions;
  • Evidence-based advice: applied research, based on validated techniques;
  • Sustainable solutions for actual social challenges.


IDEA has a team of 38 employees. As a network organisation we are connected to a wide group of experts. Strong partners who want to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable development, in line with our IDEA mission.
The expertise of IDEA is concentrated in nine areas and is deployed on a multidisciplinary basis: 

  • Arts, Culture & Heritage
  • Human Capital for Innovation & Society
  • Green Economy
  • Governance
  • Innovation, Competitiveness & Sustainability
  • Labour Market & Lifelong Learning
  • Sustainable Development of Cities & Regions
  • Territorial Development & Real Estate
  • Tourism & Recreation

The common aspiration of the IDEA employees is to translate knowledge into practical solutions for actual societal challenges. We want to contribute to major transformations on the social economic level, to innovations in governance and establish new dynamics for regions and locations.



Contribute to sustainable development through evidence-based and innovative solutions, in an environment characterised by economic, social and environmental transitions and rapidly changing technologies. 


IDEA aims to be the reference for independent policy-supporting advice, based on scientific insights and proven practical experience. 


We are partners of public and semi-public organisations that want to create impact. We provide new insights, concepts, strategies and instruments to renew our economy and labour market (new economy), increase the vitality of cities and regions (vibrant places) and introduce more effective governance practices (modern governance). 


  • Entrepreneurial: we take initiative and are innovative;  
  • Committed: we go the extra mile for a better society; 
  • Connecting/cooperative: we work together for the best result; 
  • Integer: we say what we do and we do what we say. 


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