Our identity

IDEA has its own signature. The identity of our organisation can be recognised as follows: 

  • Research-based: We are committed to independent advice, based on research, facts and figures. IDEA researchers use validated quantitative and qualitative methodologies.
  • Multidisciplinary: IDEA’s teams and fields of expertise are highly complementary. Our analyses and solutions are fed from various perspectives: retail and leisure are closely related to a broader vision of core reinforcement, an economic spearhead policy requires adapted competences, a strategic plan requires a customised organisational model. We and our clients experience the added value of this multi-disciplinarity under one roof on a daily basis.
  • Future-oriented: Our baseline ‘Thinking ahead’ is not a hollow slogan, but our daily adage and a verbal phrase of action. Our employees design innovative solutions that focus on the long term. We are helping to design the future around smart specialisation, industrial modernisation, circular economy, lifelong learning and multilevel governance.
  • An excellent network of partners: We set up a customised team of internal and external experts for each project and each individual question. IDEA, a knowledge organisation, belongs to a network of excellent partners. Through our sister companies MONDEA, Value Partners and The Argonauts, we are broadening our service portfolio, both in terms of implementation (MONDEA), real estate and location consultancy (Value Partners) and service design (The Argonauts).
  • Customer-focused: New insights, concepts and tools help us assist our clients in achieving a greater impact. We work within concluded agreements, communicate openly with our clients and are prepared to go “an extra mile”.

Leader in sustainable development

IDEA is an active ambassador of sustainable development, of Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
IDEA is a partner of CIFAL Flanders and has now obtained the SDG Pioneer Certificate. This is obviously not an ending point, but an intermediate step towards the next stage of SDG Champion within a few years.


IDEA also sensitises local governments around the SDGs with the SDG Monitor (www.sdgmonitor.be), which maps the SDG situation of all Flemish municipalities using some 100 indicators.
SDG monitoring, incidentally, is also the central theme of Koen Borghys' doctoral research (phd), with application to the Brussels Region. The research is hosted by VUB-SMIT and IDEA Consult and supported by INNOVIRIS. Read more.
Our guidance for public organisations on the SDGs is described in more detail on this page.

Read more about the UN2030 agenda for sustainable development and the SDGs here.

A more sustainable world? Your organisation can help too. Download the latest online SDG Roadmap (available in Dutch only) here. An initiative of CIFAL Flanders, with support from the Flemish government, Patarein Publishing and Verso.