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Ghent, candidate European Capital of Culture 2030

As a candidate for 'European Capital of Culture', the City of Ghent wants to focus on the transformation of the cultural and urban fabric in the city. Through a broad exploratory survey, IDEA Consult mapped out the opportunities and challenges. Based on this, 'the 30 of 2030', a group of thinkers about the future assembled through an open call, developed an overarching concept for the candidacy.

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Industrial investment in green technologies in Europe

IDEA will help quantify and monitor European industrial investments in new technologies over the next three years.

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industrial investment
New ways of working copy copy

New ways of working: a hot topic!

The Covid-19 crisis has had a major impact on the way we organise our work. IDEA Consult supports actors in identifying challenges and guiding them towards appropriate solutions.

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A plus for 55+ in the interim sector

Are you more then 55 or 65 years old and looking for a new challenge? Do you use temporary employment agencies, or would you rather not? Or... do you guide over-55+ or over-65+ to work?
Then we would like to learn from your experiences!

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Greening of Cloud Computing and Electronic Communications Services and Networks: towards climate neutrality by 2050

Helping to achieve better energy efficiency rates and circular economy performance for data centres and cloud computing services and for electronic communications services and networks.

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IDEA Consult hired 100.000 fuzzy new colleagues

A new beehive was placed in the heart of the European institutions.

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