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Knowledge Ecosystems

Identifying pathways for balanced talent circulation in the EU

In the context of a comprehensive study to map, monitor and facilitate the further development of knowledge ecosystems in the new ERA, IDEA leads the work on identifying causes of brain drain and pathways for balanced talent circulation in the EU.

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Fostering knowledge valorisation through the arts and cultural institutions

IDEA will support DG RTD of the European Commission in understanding how knowledge valorisation policy can strengthen the impact of the arts and cultural institutions

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Knowledge valorisation
IDEA Group

The Argonauts join the IDEA-group

Since mid-2021, The Argonauts have been part of the IDEA family, together with Idea Consult, Mondea and Value Partners. We spoke with founder and driving force Joost Thurman and with Bart Van Herck, managing director at Idea Consult.

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The 'Training Twenties': 2021 as the start of a training decade in Flanders

Through a variety of projects, IDEA provides input to realise the ambition of the Flemish Government and the social partners to significantly increase training participation in Flanders.

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Customer Journey
les friches dans la transition

The role of brownfields in the climate transition

During the first half of 2021, IDEA Consult participated in the implementation of the two largest Master Plans launched by the Walloon region in the last 20 years: that of the former industrial sites in Liege and that of the Porte Ouest site in Charleroi.

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