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Recommendations for the recovery of the
Cultural and Creative Sectors in Europe

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Cultural and Creative Sectors in Europe heavily. Which sub-sectors and professional categories are most affected? Are current policy measures adequate and effective in supporting the sectors to overcome the crisis? IDEA Consult will answer these questions and develop policy recommendations on behalf of the European Parliament’s CULT committee.

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Towards a better monitoring and valorising of waste streams in Europe

How can emerging waste streams be monitored and valorised? IDEA is part of a European consortium that will compile new circular business models in different sectors. We also develop indicators for the follow up of the recently adopted circular economy action plan.

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The SDG profile of all Flemish municipalities online

During the week of the SDGs, IDEA Consult is launching an SDG monitor that enables local authorities to closely monitor their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Do the test for your municipality starting on 22 October at

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Resilience as the new paradigm for Smart specialisation since COVID

IDEA Consult is supporting the governments of the Brussels-Capital Region and Wallonia in designing their new Regional Innovation Policies for the coming years (2021-2027). Since COVID, the strategies encompass a larger spectrum of innovations and sectors.

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IDEA Consult inspires a future-proof Flemish cluster policy

The Flemish government’s revamped cluster policy was launched in 2016 and now supports 6 spearhead clusters and 20 innovative business networks. Three years after the start of this cluster policy, VLAIO wanted to know whether its policy was sufficiently future-proof.

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Hasselt is flourishing. Residents are reaping the rewards of a firmly-rooted tourism policy.

In recent years, residential tourism has grown more than twice as quickly in Hasselt than the Limburg and Flemish average. Hasselt is seeking to make this positive development more sustainable through a growth model that is firmly rooted in the urban DNA. The design and future-oriented implementation of this growth model took centre stage in a co-creation process assisted by IDEA Consult.

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