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European funding programmes: what changes in 2021?

The preparation for the new programming period for the European funding programmes is in full speed (ESI funds, Horizon, LIFE). We provide a brief overview of the expected changes after 2020.

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Technology 10 years on: Career paths and outcomes of STEM students

In order to get a return on effort in the field of STEM and ensure that the needs of the labour market are met, it is important that STEM graduates find their way to STEM jobs. This assignment focuses on career paths and career outcomes for school-leavers, with special attention for STEM graduates from different educational levels who entered the labour market on average about 10 years ago.

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Creating living space through conversion

Converting empty buildings into home is on the rise. IDEA Consult was commissioned by ING to map out the Belgian conversion market.

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Feasibility for an Arctic Investment Platform

IDEA Consult supported ‘Northern Sparsely Populated Areas’ (NSPA, Northern-Sweden, -Norway and -Finland) in designing a common investment platform for sustainable economic transition.

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International quality requirements of meeting locations: guidelines

What do international associations, conference organisers and participants expect from a meeting location? You can find the answers in the guidelines for international (basic) quality requirements for meeting locations.

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MORE4: Fourth study on mobility and career paths of researchers in Europe

For the fourth time in a row and together with its partner across Europe, IDEA Consult monitors the mobility and career paths of researchers in Europe on behalf of DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission. The indicator framework builds evidence for European policy makers on the factors that help or barriers that impede improving the attractiveness of the European Research Area.

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20 years of IDEA: looking back, but mainly looking ahead

At the end of November 2018, we celebrated 20 years of IDEA, together with employees, directors, alumni, customers and partners. It was fun, but certainly not a reason to be complacent. IDEA 2021 brings new plans to the table. IDEA's DNA is still true to form: all attention is focussed on creating additional value.

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IDEA meeting rooms for hire

At Idea Consult, we believe in Thinking Ahead, our meeting rooms offer the right atmosphere to help you do just that!
Our modern office, in the heart of Brussels, offers three meeting rooms to hire.

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