IDEA move prompted by opting for open innovation

In July 2017 it was box-carrying time for IDEA staff. We moved from Madou Square, located just off of the Brussels small ring, to a new property on the corner of Jozef II Street and Tweekerken Street in Brussels. The great added value is that the IDEA teams are now working on a single floor to ensure even more mutual cross-pollination. More than ever, we are experiencing this interaction as a unique asset of and benefit to IDEA. Our numerous projects make use of our expertise in urban development, innovation, leisure, real estate, the circular economy and the labour market in a coordinated manner. The new ID House also offers spacious conference facilities, where we can host workshops for our clients. The move fully illustrates our drive towards open innovation, both between the IDEA teams and with clients and partners. Curious about our new workplace? You are always welcome to drop by for a visit: Jozef II Street 40 B1, 1000 Brussels.