MORE2 - Support for continued data collection and analysis concerning mobility patterns and career paths of researchers

In the MORE2 project, IDEA Consult and its partners support the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation) in the evidence-based policy development on the research profession in Europe. We provide up-to-date and internationally comparable data, indicators and analysis focused on the mobility, career paths, working conditions and remuneration of researchers in Europe. We have taken the opportunity to consolidate the MORE1 results and further refine the concept of 'mobility'. Also, we have identified new indicators that meet emerging policy needs and priorities. For the first time, not only patterns, motives and barriers of mobility are analysed, but also the effects of mobility for individual researchers are disclosed. Other new policy-oriented topics we explore are dual positions, virtual mobility, short term mobility and collaboration in relation to international mobility and the motivating factors and barriers for intersectoral mobility. Our methodological approach combines the systematic analysis of EU policies on researchers and mobility through country case studies and desk research with the individual researchers' opinions in two large-scale surveys. Our conclusions and policy recommendations are thus based on the opinions and characteristics of over 10 000 researcher in Europe and more than 4 000 research working outside Europe, as well as on country reports of experts in 45 countries (EU Member States, countries associated to FP7, and 10 other global players), a set of interviews with private companies and on existing databases such as Eurostat and OECD. IDEA Consult leads a consortium of international research partners and a network of national country experts to carry out this study.

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