What are the investment needs, financing gaps and obstacles currently faced by industrial modernisation?

IDEA Consult is proud to announce the release of the ‘Study on investment needs and obstacles along industrial value chains'.

Based on the current modernisation needs of the European Union industry, this study aimed to identify specific investment needs, financing gaps and obstacles to investment along a number of industrial value chains and proposed remedies to overcome those obstacles for each of the value chains.

The specific sectors and value chains addressed were selected based on their forward and backward linkages, as well as their dependence on interindustry supply and their role as a key industry. As a result of the selection and further refinement to key modernisation areas, the value chains and respective sectors addressed in this study included:

  1. additive manufacturing (machinery),
  2. tyre rubber manufacturing (rubber & plastics),
  3. food traceability (food, beverages and tobacco),
  4. batteries for electric passenger cars (motor vehicles) and
  5. co-engineering and coating reuse & recycling (fabricated metal products).

Resultantly, the study shows that an integrated and coordinated approach is required to foster investment and technology adoption. Investment in technology adoption must be paired with investment in other assets, such as skills, network assets and related functional procedures.

Please find the link to the publication of the study on the EU Bookshop here:



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