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A report into the performance of EU Member States in Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) has been released by the KETs Observatory. The KETs Observatory's first annual report discusses the results of technology generation and exploitation across Europe. It looks at the positioning of the EU Member States in terms of their technology, trade, production, and turnover performance in comparison to the rest of the world.

The report focuses on measuring, comparing, and analysing the EU-28 performance in the six KETs identified as important to Europe's competitiveness. KETs are of critical importance to the EU ambition to transition to a low carbon, knowledge-based economy. In particular, they help to restructure the industrial and cluster processes needed to modernise European industry, increase their competitiveness, and secure the Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) base in Europe. These six KETs are Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology, Micro and Nanoelectronics, Industrial Biotechnology, Photonics, and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. The European Commission has identified KETs as a key priority within its Europe 2020 strategy and subsequent flagship initiatives (i.e. Innovation Union, An Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era and Digital Agenda for Europe). The KETs Observatory helps interested stakeholders in tracking developments in technology, trade, production or turnover in a specific KET and identifying leading or emerging countries in that KET.

Globally the market is estimated to be worth more than € 1 trillion in 2015, and the general trend shows that East Asia (China including Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, South-Korea, Taiwan) has expanded its share of patents and its share in total export in all KETs during the past decade, while the EU-28 and North America have lost ground in most KETs.

In 2011, East Asia had the highest share of patents (44%) followed by the EU-28 (27.1%), and North America (25.6%). Share in total exports in 2013 shows East Asia with 57.1% followed by the EU-28 (23%), and North America (19.9%).

Among the EU-28 Member States, Germany holds the strongest position in all KETs. Germany performs well above the other European countries in terms of share of patents, share of production, share in total export, and share in turnover. France, Italy and the UK are often present in the top five of each KET for several indicators, while some smaller Member States like Belgium and Denmark have excellent positions in particular KETs.

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