IDEA is overseeing 3 Vanguard-initiatives

IDEA Consult supports a network of 28 EU-regions (the Vanguard initiative) to accelerate the market uptake of new technologies.

The Vanguard Initiative was launched in early 2014 as a coordinated effort of 28 EU-regions to better align and mutually-reinforce regional specialization strategies, with a focus on Advanced Manufacturing. The ultimate aim of the Initiative is, by connecting and upscaling existing regional efforts and value chains, to accelerate the market uptake of new technologies and technology applications in the EU. It was decided to focus the efforts on three ‘pilots', i.e. on

  1. 3D Printing (piloted by South-Netherlands, Flanders and Norte),
  2. Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing (Piloted by Lombardy and Catalonia),
  3. Energy Related Applications in Harsh Environments (piloted by Scotland and Basque Country).

In the course of June 2015, two other ‘pilots' were launched in 4) ‘nano-materials' (piloted by Skåne and Tampere) and 5) ‘Innovative use of biomass' (South Holland/Brainport and Lombardy).

IDEA Consult is managing and coordinating, on behalf of the leading regions, the pilot on 3DP and is supporting the leading regions for the two new pilots on ‘nano-materials and ‘biomass'. IDEA Consult has organized a mapping exercise in all regions that has led to the identification of key actors and capabilities (as well as challenges and ambitions) in each region. The comparative analysis of the survey material allowed for the identification of complementarities between the regions. Currently, a first wave of joint-demonstrations projects (7 projects involving 15 regions in total) are being elaborated for the 3DP Pilot (the mapping exercise is still running in the pilots on nano-materials and bio-mass), including the search for private partners and the definition of the appropriate funding mix. A brokerage event is foreseen in February 2016.



Duchêne (Ph.D.) Vincent
Duchêne (Ph.D.) Vincent
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