Monitoring and Evaluation

The evaluation of projects, programmes and organisations is one of IDEA Consult's core fields of expertise. Evaluations are carried out in order to learn from experiences gathered and to substantiate the achieved or expected results and the cost-effective use of the resources for all stakeholders. The accent may differ according to the different types of evaluation: with ex-ante evaluations, the emphasis is on good policy or programme design, with interim evaluations of the adjustments to the execution, and with ex-post evaluations, learning and substantiating are key. By focusing on the interests of the stakeholders such as policy makers, executors and target groups, we are able to guarantee a reliable outcome from the evaluation work.

IDEA Consult also has considerable experience in monitoring policies, programmes and projects. This monitoring is based on indicators that are selected in consultation with the client. It is important that these indicators give a sufficient and reliable picture of the degree to which the goals are met and the cost-effectiveness of the efforts. Monitoring provides a possibility therefore to follow the progress and the result of a policy, programme and project over time.


  • Project evaluation
  • Programme evaluation
  • Evaluation of policy measures
  • Organisational evaluation
  • Development of indicators
  • Monitoring
  • Roadmaps

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